Steve's Cumulative Projects

Jr. High School Projects
Between 1989-1990, Apple //e computers monopolized my Jr. High School. For days on end, I enjoyed coding BASIC programs that could animate graphics on the monitor. My biggest, most time-consuming projects included a theatrical trilogy and an action video game. To this day, it still impresses me that an adolescent kid could muster the patience to see these projects through.
High School Projects
From 1990-1994, high school stressed me to the brink of insanity. Schoolwork, countless group projects, clubs, tennis, church, scholarship applications, all-nighters...I could never fully relax from all the responsibilities, and no amount of work has ever compared to those four years. Fortunately, I saved some original works from the period.
College Projects
When the Internet flooded Cal Poly between 1994-1998, both environments catalysed the largest number of projects in my entire school career: World Wide Web pages, Director/Shockwave multimedia, AIX ANSI animations, ASCII drawings, papers...among others...
Current Projects
Admittedly, my current projects look more like peculiar hobbies than technical breakthroughs. My excuse: IBM classifies everything that I develop for them. On the bright side, the Big Blue has no bearing on what I develop on my own time. Namely, unusual and non-technically-significant pursuits.

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