High School Projects

Creative writings
Journey of the Runaway
As a submission for an English class, I wanted to write an adventure that would conclude with a surprise ending. The resulting story, Journey of the Runaway, dramiatizes the struggles of a young vagabond in a big city. My high school's literary magazine, Mindscape, published this story in its Volume I No. 2. Spring, 1993 issue.
Svishing in the Snow
The inspiration for this poem hit me while I typed a computer program in a business course. What if I could string together a series of sounds that could symbolize the sleek, slippery speed of skiing? How could I express that type of exhileration? The result: an onslaught of onomatopoeia called Svishing in the Snow. Still wondering what svishing means? Read this poem to find out. It also appeared in the Volume I No. 3. Spring, 1994 issue of Mindscape Magazine.
The Night of Reckoning
In contrast to my earlier light-hearted works, this short story addresses the captivity of busywork. The inspiration hit me while I stapled papers for an administrative school office. Later, Mindscape Magazine published this expression of civil disobedience in the Volume I No. 3. Spring, 1994 issue.