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Taming the paper tiger
July 22, 2004: Wrote the "OnDemand Information Center: A closer look" section in this IBM developerWorks article.

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Wrote the online help for

Episode Guide Work
My episode synopses started as a leisurely hobby but later evolved into a serious endeavor. For me, they expressed an aspect to writing that technical publications tend to lack: action verbs. If you think about it, verbs energize the English language. We often neglect good action verbs in favor of dead nouns and unimaginative "is" verbs. In my opinion, TV drama offers the best variety of action verbs.
Steve's SmackDown Stables
Playstation's "WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role" game features the most amusing creative tool that I've encountered to date: Creating a Superstar. It inspired me to draw myself, my friends, and co-workers. Among other details, I could exaggerate our mannerisms, pick fighting moves for us, design our taunts, and select our entrance music. I even starred everyone in Royal Rumbles that I personally choreographed and videotaped.
Music Video Survey Results
Every few months, I record a variety of music videos and survey my friends on how they like them. Then, using an Excel spreadsheet, I tabulate which videos that they judged as the the best and worst. The results get posted as an HTML "billboard" chart.