Jr. High School Projects

Apple //e Programs

Now available! An actual disk image of the projects below. To view the disk, unzip this Apple ][ emulator on a Windows operating system, load the DSK file in "disk drive 1", and start the computer.

The Assassination Trilogy
"The Assassination" began as a joint-project for the 1989 GATE/Honors animation convention. Rene Robles storyboarded two carcitures from our real-life "Cartoon Wars" saga: a long-nosed henchman from my faction, and a round-headed assassin to fatally shoot him. Rene bit-mapped the artwork while I programmed the movement in Apple //e BASIC. Following the convention, I completed a sequel called "The Revenge," where a ninja targets the assassin with extreme prejudice. The "trilogy" finally ended with a prologue to the unfinished third installment, "The Roblen Vendetta," which ominously foreshadows the third target.
Stick Man
In addition to my "Assassination II" pet project, I programmed an interactive Apple //e BASIC video game called "Stick Man". In level one, the protagonist Stick Man must swing his invulnerable head to defend his frail body from deadly projectiles. In level two, Stick Man must hammer out sparks to keep an evil plumber from electrocuting him.