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I live in south San Jose, California, and work at IBM's Silicon Valley Laboratory as a technical writer. Current professional interests include markup languages, national language support, and online help. Outside of work, I enjoy rating movies, television episodes, and music videos; writing episode synopses; and collecting CD-ROMs.

Background. After graduating Santa Maria High School in 1994, I studied Electronic Publishing & Imaging and technical writing at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. In 1999, I graduated with a Graphic Communication Bachelor of Science degree and a Technical Writing Certificate. My employment at IBM started on the same year.

My underlying philosophies include:

The Golden Rule. This means that I work to respect everyone's beliefs, cultures, and opinions so long as they extend the same courtesy to others.

Life is but a Stream. My sense of probability dictates that fortunes and misfortunes roughly balance out to 50/50. Consequently, I accept that miracles and tragedies occur whether we like it or not. I recognize that life can be "half-full" or "half-empty" depending on our perceptions of it. So instead of fighting destiny, I struggle to relax, accept the twists in my fate, and appreciate the positives in life.

The On-Demand Digital Future. I predict that all information will digitize and become available on-demand. Online databases will allow people to download any TV episode, news broadcast, movie, speech, article, newspaper, novel, or other into a personal viewer or printer. Multimedia and communication will blast to houses through a single digital line. In the near future, a glorious "non-linear" informational age will accomodate the public's ever shortening attention spans. more

My ranked entertainment favorites:

Music projects:

Music Video Survey Results
Every few months, I record a variety of music videos and survey my friends on how they like them. Then, using an Excel spreadsheet, I tabulate which videos that they judged as the the best and worst. The results get posted as an HTML "billboard" chart.

Comprehensive MIDI directory
A directory listing of my favorite MIDI files.

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