Links to friends with home pages

Margerum-Leys, Jon
Alias: Jon Leys
Home page: Jon Margerum-Leys' Home Page
Known from: Santa Maria High School & Cal Poly, SLO
Other projects: Meagan's Corner
Osejo III, Victor
Alias: Victor Osejo
Home page: zombie boy undead
Blog: zombieboy's blog
Known from: Santa Maria
Other projects: YouTube - zombieboy887's Channel
Robles Diaz, René
Alias: Rene Robles
Home page: Rene's Drawings
Known from: Santa Maria
Saddi, Allan T.
Alias: Allan Saddi
Home page: Saddi Enterprises
Blog: Allan Saddi's projects blog
Known from: Santa Maria
Other projects:, Aeka's 'S' Shrine
Sanghvi, Hari
Alias: Galen Sanghvi
Blog: Galen and Vane's amazing adventures
Known from: IBM
Baumann, Rachel
Alias: Rachel Baumann
Blog: Swamp Thoughts
Known from: Cal Poly, SLO; IBM
Valenzuela, Jorge Adrian
Alias: Adrian Valenzuela
Home page: Jorge Adrian Valenzuela
Known from: Santa Maria
Other projects: YouTube - ClockwiseFilm's Channel
Valenzuela, Alejandro
Alias: Alex Valenzuela
Home page: MY HOMEPAGE
Known from: Santa Maria
Walters, Terence
Alias: Terry Walters
Home page: Walters of Hays America
Known from: IBM
Waki, Yukiya Jerry
Alias: Jerry Waki
Blog: Solburnslow's Blog Bistro
Known from: Santa Maria

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