By Steven Aoki
Based upon "Star Trek" Created by Gene Roddenberry
Created by Rick Berman & Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor; Theme by Jerry Goldsmith; Music by Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, David Bell, Paul Baillargeon


Also Starring:

Recurring Guest Stars:

Recurring Co-Stars:

PILOT (year 2371)

1-1&2. "Caretaker" 1/16/95 **
After an alien array violently yanks the U.S.S. Voyager into the Delta Quadrant during Janeway’s mission to find Chakotay’s Maquis ship, both vessels’ senior officers search for an abducted Torres and Kim, follow the array’s energy pulses to an underground Ocampa civilization, and battle Kazon scavengers while the array’s guardian desperately seals the civilization. Janeway recruits Paris, Neelix, and Kes; Kim befriends Paris despite late senior officers’ warnings; Kes criticizes Ocampan dependency on the array; and Paris rescues Chakotay. Stardate 48315.6
Guest Stars: Basil Langton, Gavan O’Herlihy, Angela Paton and Armin Shimerman [Quark]
Teleplay by Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor; Story by Rick Berman & Michael Piller & Jeri Taylor; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

FIRST SEASON (year 2371)

1-3. "Parallax" 1/23/95 **
After the time-delayed reflection within a collapsed star’s event horizon tricks Voyager into attempting a rescue, Janeway and Torres collaborate on an escape plan; and Janeway resists Chakotay’s recommendation to promote Torres to chief engineer over a senior Starfleet candidate. A shrinking Doctor dryly helps Kes start a hydroponics bay. Stardate 48439.7
Guest Stars: Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska], Josh Clark
Teleplay by Brannon Braga; Story by Jim Trombetta; Directed by Kim Friedman

1-4. "Time and Again" 1/30/95 **
When a sub-space fracture sends Janeway and Paris back in time to the eve of a planetary catastrophe, they resolve to stop protestors from sabotaging a power plant at the flashpoint while Chakotay, Tuvok, Torres, Kim, and Kes work to retrieve them. Kes experiences clairvoyance, and a boy tails Janeway and Paris to discredit their cover story. Paris pressures Kim to double-date the Delaney sisters.
Guest Stars: Nicolas Surovy, Joel Polis, Brady Bluhm
Teleplay by David Kemper and Michael Piller; Story by David Kemper; Directed by Les Landau

1-5. "Phage" 2/6/95 *½
When an alien from a race of diseased Viidians who use organs to prolong their lives steals Neelix’s lungs, Voyager chases the alien’s ship into a mirrored asteroid that drains Voyager’s power as Kes and Neelix struggle to cope with his potentially lifelong immobility after The Doctor replicates holographic lungs for him. Neelix converts Janeway’s private dining room into a galley without her permission; Neelix distrusts Paris when he befriends Kes; and The Doctor decides to train Kes as a backup medical assistant when she consoles his agitation over Neelix’s panic. Stardate 48532.4
Guest Stars: Cully Fredricksen, Stephen B. Rappaport, Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska]
Teleplay by Skye Dent and Brannon Braga; Story by Timothy DeHaas; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

1-6. "The Cloud" 2/13/95 *½
Voyager dodges natural defense systems to heal a lifeform that the crew tragically mistook for a nebula. Janeway worries about crew morale; Kim notes Janeway’s isolation; Chakotay helps her contact her animal guide; Neelix forebodes the crew’s desire to explore and dedicates himself to their morale; and Paris introduces a holographic recreation of his favorite French bistro. Stardate 48546.2
Guest Stars: Angela Dohrmann, Judy Geeson, Larry A. Hankin, Luigi Amodeo
Teleplay by Tom Szollosi and Michael Piller; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

1-7. "Eye of the Needle" 2/20/95 *
Using a tiny Alpha Quadrant wormhole that Kim found, Janeway communicates with a wary Romulan explorer and convinces him to accommodate Torres’ transportation experiments. Kes criticizes crew condescension toward The Doctor and persuades Janeway to grant him more privileges. Stardate 48579.4
Guest Stars: Vaughn Armstrong, Tom Virtue
Teleplay by Bill Dial and Jeri Taylor; Story by Hilary J. Bader; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

1-8. "Ex Post Facto" 2/27/95 *
When alien authorities adjust Paris’ brain to periodically relive his alleged murder victim’s last moments, the memories start damaging his brain, Tuvok interviews eyewitnesses to gauge his innocence, and patrols from a rival territory attack Voyager. Kes advises The Doctor on how to pick a name.
Guest Stars: Robin McKee, Francis Guinan, Aaron Lustig, Ray Reinhardt
Teleplay by Evan Carlos Somers and Michael Piller; Story by Evan Carlos Somers; Directed by LeVar Burton

1-9. "Emanations" 3/13/95 *½
After a corpse-covered asteroid’s portal pulls Kim to a planet of aliens who regard such portals as entries into the afterlife, they prepare to relocate him for study as he catalyses doubt in an alien scheduled to die, Kes counsels an alien woman whom senior officers resurrected for information, and Voyager’s warp core attracts disruptive portals that dump corpses on the ship. Stardate 48623.5
Guest Stars: Jerry Hardin, Jefrey Alan Chandler, Cecile Callan, Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska], Robin Groves
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

Enterprise D update: Capt. Kirk dies and the U.S.S. Enterprise D crash-lands when Capt. Picard pursues a genocidal scientist around stardate 48632.4 in "Star Trek: Generations" 11/18/94.

1-10. "Prime Factors" 3/20/95 **½
When Voyager crew members vacation on a hospitable society’s planet and Kim discovers technology that could halve Voyager’s journey home, Janeway offers a Federation library to tempt the hedonic leader into compromising laws that prohibit sharing technology, and Torres, Seska, an engineer, and Tuvok conspire to illegally buy the technology from a dissenter. The leader urges Janeway to settle Voyager’s crew there. Kim walks with a Delaney sister. Stardate 48642.5
Guest Stars: Ronald Guttman, Yvonne Suhor, Andrew Hill Newman, Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska], Josh Clark
Teleplay by Michael Perricone & Greg Elliot; Story by David R. George III & Eric A. Stillwell; Directed by Les Landau

1-11. "State of Flux" 4/10/95 *½
Kazon Nistrum warships converge toward Voyager as Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok seek the traitor who gave replicator technology to a Kazon crew that died trying to install it; and Chakotay feels naïve when Seska’s blood shows Cardassian genealogy. Stardate 48658.2
Guest Stars: Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska], Josh Clark, Anthony DeLongis [Mage Culla]
Teleplay by Chris Abbott; Story by Paul Robert Coyle; Directed by Robert Scheerer

1-12. "Heroes and Demons" 4/24/95 *
The Doctor ventures into a Beowulf holodeck simulation to investigate why Kim, Chakotay, and Tuvok vanished during Grendel’s attacks, and Janeway, Paris, and Torres study captured photonic energy that may have leaked into the holodeck. The Doctor attracts shield maiden Freia. Stardate 48693.2
Guest Stars: Majorie Monaghan [Freia], Christopher Neame, Michael Keenan
Written by Naren Shankar; Directed by Les Landau

Deep Space Nine update: the Dominion eliminates the Cardassian Obsedian Order and Romulan Tal’Shiar when their incursion into the Beta Quadrant fails in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 3-67. "The Die Is Cast" [Part II] 4/29/95~.

1-13. "Cathexis" 5/1/95 **½
After Tuvok reports that a vessel from a dark matter nebula ambushed his and Chakotay’s shuttlecraft and caused Chakotay’s braindead condition, a disembodied intruder that can possess one crew member at a time repeatedly sabotages Voyager’s journey back to the nebula. Janeway plays a new governess and confronts a housemaid in a holonovel about an ancient England mansion. Stardate 48734.2
Guest Stars: Brian Markinson, Michael Cumpsty, Carolyn Seymour
Teleplay by Brannon Braga; Story by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Kim Friedman

1-14. "Faces" 5/8/95 *
When a chief Viidian surgeon splits Torres into Klingon and human counterparts after Viidians capture her, Paris, and another crewman, the human Torres experiences cowardice as she and Paris dig tunnels under slave labor, the Klingon Torres escapes from the enamored surgeon and clashes with the human Torres on an escape plan, and a disguised Chakotay infiltrates the tunnels during the senior officers’ efforts to penetrate the surrounding force field. Stardate 48784.2
Guest Stars: Brian Markinson, Rob LaBelle, Barton Tinapp
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Jonathan Glassner and Kenneth Biller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

1-15. "Jetrel" 5/15/95 *½
A notorious scientist, responsible for a genocidal weapon that killed Neelix’s family, tests Neelix for a fatal blood disorder as Neelix rebukes him and feels guilty over once derelicting war duty. Stardate 48832.1
Guest Stars: James Sloyan [Dr. Jetrel], Larry Hankin
Teleplay by Jack Klein & Karen Klein and Kenneth Biller; Story by James Thomton & Scott Nimerfro; Directed by Kim Friedman

1-16. "Learning Curve" 5/22/95 *½
As Tuvok attempts to train four Maquis crew members on Starfleet protocol, system failures from Voyager’s bio-neural circuitry infection trap them in a cargo bay. Janeway meets her charges in the English governess holonovel. Stardate 48846.5
Guest Stars: Armand Schultz, Derek McGrath, Kenny Morrison, Catherine MacNeal
Written by Ronald Wilkerson & Jean Louise Matthias; Directed by David Livingston

SECOND SEASON (year 2371-2372)

2-17. "The 37’s" 8/28/95 ½
The Voyager crew salvages a 1936 Ford from space, pinpoints a plane’s distress signal to a faraway planet, lands on it, revives Amelia Earheart and seven other alien abductees from stasis tubes, mistakenly fights abductee descendants who overthrew their alien enslavers 400 years ago and enshrined the first 1930’s abductees, and ponders whether to settle there. Earhart’s smitten navigator holds senior officers hostage. Stardate 48975.1
Guest Stars: Josh Rubinstein, David Graf, Mel Winkler, James Saito and Sharon Lawrence [Amelia Earhart]
Written by Jeri Taylor & Brannon Braga; Directed by James L. Conway

2-18. "Initiations" 9/4/95 *
After a Kazon-Ogla boy’s people dishonor him for failing to kill Chakotay in a shuttlecraft battle, Chakotay escapes with him to a booby-trapped moon, and Janeway leaves Paris and Neelix in command when she, Tuvok, and Kes mount a rescue. Stardate 49005.3
Guest Stars: Aron Eisenberg [Kol], Patrick Kilpatrick, Tim deZarn
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

2-19. "Projections" 9/11/95 *½
The Doctor questions his true identity when he scans lifesigns in himself during the alleged aftermath of a Kazon attack, verifies a holographic Barclay’s claim that radiation deluded The Doctor into accepting a holographic Voyager as reality, and prepares to destroy the warp core to end the alleged simulation before the radiation kills him. Stardate 48892.1
Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt. Reginald Barclay]
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by Jonathan Frakes

2-20. "Elogium" 9/18/95 *½
A giant territorial creature batters Voyager when smaller creatures mistaken her for a potential mate, and Neelix and Kes weigh a one-time chance at pregnancy. Janeway and Chakotay debate whether to legislate crew fraternization and procreation, and Wildman announces her pregnancy. Stardate 48921.3
Guest Star: Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman]
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller and Jeri Taylor; Story by Jimmy Diggs & Steve J. Kay; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

2-21. "Non Sequitur" 9/25/95 **
When a time stream accident causes Kim to awaken on Earth in a reality where he and Paris never disappeared with Voyager, Kim alienates his fiancé, his shuttlecraft design partner, and Starfleet Headquarters by examining classified Voyager records, soliciting Paris for help, and stealing a runabout to recreate the reality-changing accident. A temporal alien compliments Kim’s Earth life. Stardate 49011
Guest Stars: Louis Giambalvo, Jennifer Gatti, Jack Shearer, Mark Kiely
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

Deep Space Nine update: Klingon vessels attack Deep Space Nine after helping decimate the Cardassian Union, and Lt. Cmdr. Worf joins Deep Space Nine around stardate 49011.4 in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 4-73&74. "Way of the Warrior" 9/30/95~.

2-22. "Twisted" 10/2/95 *½
An imploding spatial distortion ring reconfigures Voyager’s internal layout, directs the senior officers into Paris’ holographic French bistro despite their best efforts, and incapacitates Janeway. Neelix harbors jealousy when Paris gives Kes a locket at her second-year birthday party, and Chakotay and Tuvok strategically disagree.
Guest Stars: Judy Geeson, Larry A. Hankin, Tom Virtue
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Arnold Rudnick & Rich Hosek; Directed by Kim Friedman

2-23. "Parturition" 10/9/95 *½
After crashing on a vaporous planet during a food scouting shuttlecraft mission, Paris and Neelix care for a hatched reptilian while a hostile alien vessel and an atmospheric barrier impede Voyager’s rescue attempt. The Doctor counsels Kes when Paris and an overreacting Neelix physically fight over her.
Written by Tom Szollosi; Directed by Jonathan Frakes

2-24. "Persistence of Vision" 10/30/95 *½
After Janeway hallucinates holonovel characters aboard Voyager, Kes and The Doctor work to disrupt an alien bioelectric field as it incapacitates the crew with personal delusions. Torres and Kim inadvertently shrink The Doctor while trying to transfer him to engineering.
Guest Stars: Michael Cumpsty, Carolyn Seymour, Stan Ivar, Warren Munson, Lindsey Haun, Thomas Dekker, Patrick Kerr, Marva Hicks
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by James L. Conway

2-25. "Tattoo" 11/6/95 ½
On a lush planet where storms attack intruders, Chakotay leads Tuvok, Torres, and Neelix in a survey mission, flashes back to his teenage obstinance as his father searched for tribal ancestors in a Central American rainforest, and tries to contact the planet’s inhabitants as a cyclone endangers Voyager. Kes’ criticism goads The Doctor into infecting himself with a 29-hour holographic flu.
Guest Stars: Henry Darrow, Richard Fancy, Douglas Spain, Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Richard Chaves
Teleplay by Michael Piller; Story by Larry Brody; Directed by Alexander Singer

2-26. "Cold Fire" 11/13/95 *½
As Voyager waits to meet the female caretaker near her 300-year-old Ocampan colony, an Ocampan hones Kes’ mental abilities and urges her to stay with the colony. Tuvok advises Kes on disciplining her abilities.
Guest Star: Gary Graham
Teleplay by Brannon Braga; Story by Anthony Williams; Directed by Cliff Bole

2-27. "Maneuvers" 11/20/95 **
After Chakotay sets out to disable the transporter module that Seska and Mage Culla stole, Voyager attempts to rescue him as Seska and Culla try to unite rival Kazon sects through Chakotay’s command codes. Torres defends Chakotay’s departure to Janeway, and Seska impregnates herself with his DNA. Stardate 49208.5
Guest Stars: Martha Hackett [Seska], Anthony DeLongis, Terry Lester, John Gegenhuber
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by David Livingston

2-28. "Resistance" 11/27/95 ½
After soldiers arrest Tuvok and Torres for allegedly aiding a resistance movement, a deluded civilian mistakes Janeway for his daughter and conspires with her to free them; Chakotay, Kim, and Neelix brainstorm a rescue from Voyager; and soldiers torture Tuvok.
Guest Stars: Alan Scarfe, Tom Todoroff, Glenn Morshower and Special Guest Star: Joel Grey
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Michael Jan Friedman & Kevin J. Ryan; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

2-29. "Prototype" 1/15/96 *
After Torres successfully reactivates an alien android, Janeway forbids her from building a prototype power module for its procreation, a formidable android vessel cripples Voyager to force Torres’ cooperation, and senior officers help Paris attempt a rescue during an android battle.
Written by Nicholas Corea; Directed by Jonathan Frakes

2-30. "Alliances" 1/22/96 *
When Janeway accepts Chakotay’s and Tuvok’s recommendations to ally with a Kazon faction, she futilely negotiates with Mage Culla and Seska, allies with a convoy of Kazon enemies whom Neelix escaped with, and anticipates sabotage at a peace conference between the first mages and the convoy governor. Chakotay eulogizes a deceased Maquis crewman; Hogan proposes appeasing the Kazon; and an engineer secretly attempts to contact Seska. Stardate 49337.4
Guest Stars: Charles G. Lucia, Anthony De Longis [Mage Culla], Martha Hackett [Seska], Raphael Sbarge [Ensign Michael Jonas], Larry Cedar, John Gegenhuber, Simon Billig [Ensign Hogan]
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by Les Landau

2-31. "Threshold" 1/29/96 ½
After Paris achieves infinite velocity by breaking warp ten in a shuttlecraft, The Doctor combats Paris’ rapid mutation. Paris seeks to validate his life, and Jonas divulges the flight to a Kazon. Stardate 49373.4
Guest Star: Raphael Sbarge [Ensign Michael Jonas]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga; Story by Michael De Luca; Directed by Alexander Singer

2-32. "Meld" 2/5/96 *
Tuvok struggles to suppress violent instincts after he inquisitively melds with the homicidal engineer who murdered a crewman. Chakotay reports Paris for exploiting crew members in a betting pool. Neelix urges Tuvok to celebrate a Vulcan holiday, and Tuvok chides Chakotay’s unreported hunch about Suder.
Special Guest Star: Brad Dourif [Ensign Lon Suder]; Guest Stars: Angela Dohrmann, Simon Billig [Ensign Hogan]
Teleplay by Michael Piller; Story by Michael Sussman; Directed by Cliff Bole

2-33. "Dreadnought" 2/12/96 **
Torres, onboard an artificially intelligent missile that she once programmed to destroy a Cardassian fuel depot, works to sabotage its misguided flight toward a Delta Quadrant planet while Janeway corresponds with the planet’s worried first minister. The Doctor and Kes help Samantha choose a name for her new baby; Torres inquires Paris about his delinquent behavior; and Jonas insists on warning Seska about the missile. Stardate 49447
Guest Stars: Raphael Sbarge [Ensign Michael Jonas], Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Michael Spound, Dan Kern
Written by Gary Holland; Directed by LeVar Burton

2-34. "Death Wish" 2/19/96 **½
Q tries to sway Janeway during her asylum hearing to decide whether an escaped Q, represented by Tuvok, has the right to upset the Q continuum by committing suicide. Stardate 49301.2
Guest Stars: Gerrit Graham, Peter Dennis, Maury Ginsberg and John de Lancie [Q]; Special Appearance by: Jonathan Frakes [Cmdr. William Riker]
Teleplay by Michael Piller; Story by Shawn Piller; Directed by James L. Conway

2-35. "Lifesigns" 2/26/96 *½
After a dying Viidian female’s brain implant allows The Doctor to tentatively transfer her consciousness into a holographic body, Kes and Paris help The Doctor romance her as he repairs her real body. Chakotay disciplines Paris for neglecting his duties, and Seska urges Jonas to sabotage the ship. Stardate 49504.3
Guest Stars: Susan Diol, Raphael Sbarge [Michael Jonas], Martha Hackett [Seska], Michael Spound
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Cliff Bole

2-36. "Investigations" 3/13/96 *½
When the Kazon-Nistrum abducts Paris during his exit from Voyager, Neelix’s new journalistic enthusiasm motivates him to look for the spy who leaked Paris’ location and sabotaged the ship for a Kazon-Nistrum ambush. Neelix neglects The Doctor’s eagerness to appear in Neelix’s new news program. Stardate 49485.2
Guest Stars: Raphael Sbarge [Michael Jonas], Martha Hackett [Seska], Jerry Sroka, Simon Billig
Teleplay by Jeri Taylor; Story by Jeff Schnaufer & Ed Bond; Directed by Les Landau

2-37. "Deadlock" 3/18/96 **
After sub-space turbulence duplicates Voyager into two ships sharing the same space and power supply, one ship’s recharge bursts lethally cripple the other ship, the two Janeways and two Torres’ coordinate a remergence attempt, and Viidians attack. The Doctor and Kes treat Samantha’s newly-born daughter. Stardate 49548.7
Guest Stars: Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Simon Billig [Ensign Hogan]
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

2-38. "Innocence" 4/8/96 *
After turbulence crashes Tuvok’s shuttlecraft onto a lush moon, he struggles to console scared children who believe their race marooned them there to face a murderous nocturnal monster, Janeway negotiates with the race’s spiritual leader, and the senior officers plan Tuvok’s rescue.
Guest Stars: Marnie McPhail, Tiffany Taubman, Sarah Rayne, Tahj D. Mowry
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Anthony Williams; Directed by James L. Conway

2-39. "The Thaw" 4/29/96 *
After Kim and Torres enter three hibernating aliens’ virtual reality, discover that the aliens’ fears manifested into a maniacal clown, and become the clown’s unwilling hostages to ensure his continued existence, Janeway’s senior officers work to rescue them while The Doctor negotiates with the clown. Stardate 49522
Guest Stars: Thomas Kopache, Carel Struycken, Patty Maloney, Tony Carlin, Shannon O’Hurley; Special Guest Star: Michael McKean [The Clown]
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Richard Gadas; Directed by Marvin V. Rush

2-40. "Tuvix" 5/6/96 **½
As senior officers investigate the transporter accident that merged Tuvok and Neelix into a single lifeform, "Tuvix" resumes his Voyager duties, attempts reconciliation with an alienated Kes, and opposes Janeway’s desire to separate him. Stardate 49655.2
Guest Stars: Tom Wright, Simon Billig
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman; Directed by Cliff Bole

2-41. "Resolutions" 5/13/96 *½
After a fatal virus maroons Janeway and Chakotay on a planet that blocks its progression, Kim and crew members urge Tuvok to solicit Viidians for a cure despite Janeway’s orders while Janeway resists Chakotay’s acceptance of their illness. Janeway tries to befriend a monkey. Stardate 49690.1
Guest Stars: Susan Diol, Simon Billig, Bahni Turpin
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by Alexander Singer

2-42. "Basics, Part I" 5/20/96 *½
During a mission to rescue Chakotay’s alleged newborn from the Kazon Nistrum, Seska’s defected aide guides Voyager through space occupied by stray Kazon vessels that repeatedly attack the ship’s starboard ventricle. Tuvok helps Suder propose an airponics project to Janeway; and Kim, Torres, and The Doctor develop decoys to fool the Kazon.
Special Guest Star: Brad Dourif [Ensign Suder]; Guest Stars: Anthony De Longis, John Gegenhuber, Martha Hackett [Seska], Henry Darrow
Written by Michael Piller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Deep Space Nine update: Chancellor Gowron delivers an ultimatum to the Federation around stardate 49962.4 in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 4-98. "Broken Link" 6/15/96~.

THIRD SEASON (year 2373)

3-43. "Basics, Part II" 9/4/96 **
While the Voyager crew struggles to survive on a barren planet, Janeway’s team works to rescue Chakotay’s team from a serpent and natives who kidnapped Neelix and Kes as Paris recruits Talaxians and The Doctor encourages a reluctant Suder to kill in a conspiracy to retake Voyager. The Doctor informs Seska that the Mage fathered her baby, and Naomi grows sicker. Stardate 50032.7
Special Guest Star: Brad Dourif [Ensign Suder]; Guest Stars: Anthony De Longis, Martha Hackett [Seska], Nancy Hower, Simon Billig, Scott Haven, David Cowgill, Michael Bailey Smith, John Kenton Shull
Written by Michael Piller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

3-44. "Flashback" 9/11/96 *
While melding with Tuvok to pinpoint the repressed childhood memory that has been damaging his brain, Janeway explores Tuvok’s first duty aboard the U.S.S. Excelsior back in 2293 when Sulu commanded a rescue mission against Klingon battle cruisers. Janeway reflects on the era and discovers why Tuvok once resigned. Stardate 50126.4
Guest Stars: Grace Lee Whitney [Cmdr. Yeoman Rand], Jeremy Roberts, Boris Krutonog, Michael Ansara [Kang] and George Takei [Capt. Hikaru Sulu]
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

3-45. "The Chute" 9/18/96 **
In an ungoverned prison where food arrives by chute and brain implants agitate inmates to violence, a protector mentors Kim and urges him to kill a dying, burdensome Paris. Janeway’s senior officers work to catch the terrorists whose bombing implicated Paris and Kim. Stardate 50156.2
Guest Stars: Don McManus, Robert Pine, James Parks, Ed Trotta, Beans Morocco
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Clayvon C. Harris; Directed by Les Landau

3-46. "The Swarm" 9/25/96 *½
Voyager sneaks through territory occupied by a malicious swarm of leech-like ships that cancel shields, reflect energy weapons, and drain energy; and Torres and Kes recruit The Doctor’s diagnostic counterpart to restore The Doctor’s degrading memory circuits. An amnesiac Doctor forgets how to operate on Paris after alien attackers traumatize his and Torres’ nervous systems. Stardate 50252.3
Guest Star: Carole Davis
Written by Mike Sussman; Directed by Alexander Singer

3-47. "False Profits" 10/2/96 *
While Voyager works to attract a wormhole tethered to the Alpha Quadrant, Chakotay and Paris help Neelix impersonate a Ferengi VIP to usurp two Ferengi "demigods" (from ST:NG) when they exploit an impoverished civilization’s worship. Stardate 50074.3
Guest Stars: Dan Shor, Leslie Jordan, Michael Ensign, Rob LaBelle, Alan Altshuld
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by George A. Brozak; Directed by Cliff Bole

3-48. "Remember" 10/9/96 *
As Voyager transports alien passengers who can share their experiences telepathically, Torres vividly dreams about how she loved an alien from a culture that her father and her society persecuted. Kim dates an alien engineer. Stardate 50203.1
Guest Stars: Eugene Roche, Charles Esten, Athena Massey, Eve H. Brenner; Special Guest Star: Bruce Davidson [Jareth]
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

3-49. "Sacred Ground" 10/30/96 *
The Doctor monitors Janeway as she endures grueling spiritual challenges to learn more about an enshrined energy field that knocked Kes comatose. Stardate 50063.2
Guest Stars: Betsy Ann Baker, Estelle Harris, Keene Curtis, Parley Baer, Harry Groener [The Magistrate]
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Geo Cameron; Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

3-50. "Future’s End" [Part I] 11/6/96 **½
When a 29th century Federation timeship captain fails to destroy Voyager, inadvertently pulls her to 1996 Earth while marooning himself there since 1967, and reasons that the CEO who stole his timeship will botch a test-flight and destroy 29th century Earth’s solar system, Janeway and Chakotay infiltrate the CEO’s Los Angeles office after the CEO’s henchman targets Tuvok, Paris, and the observatory astronomer who tracked Voyager’s warp emissions and sent her a greeting. Neelix and Kes monitor Earth television, and Kim heads the ship through Earth’s lower atmosphere to rescue Janeway and Chakotay. Stardate 50312.5
Guest Stars: Sarah Silverman [Rain Robinson], Allan G. Royal [Capt. Braxton]; Special Guest Stars: Ed Begley, Jr. [Henry Starling]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

3-51. "Future’s End, Part II" 11/13/96 **½
Tuvok, Paris, and Robinson lure Starling out of his building so Chakotay and Torres can beam him to their shuttlecraft; Starling allows The Doctor to move freely with an autonomous mobile holo-emittor; Tuvok and The Doctor head to Arizona to rescue a crashed Chakotay and Tores from anti-Federal government militants; Paris and Robinson chase Starling’s henchman’s semi-truck; and Janeway reconfigures a photon torpedo to prevent Starling’s disasterous timeship flight. Paris kisses Robinson. Stardate 50312.5
Guest Stars: Sarah Silverman [Rain Robinson], Allan G. Royal [Capt. Braxton], Brent Hinkley, Clayton Murray; Special Guest Star: Ed Begley, Jr. [Henry Starling]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Cliff Bole

3-52. "Warlord" 11/20/96 *
Voyager crew members conspire with a royal heir to thwart an exiled warlord who transferred his dying consciousness into Kes’ body and used revolutionary troops to retake his imperial hall. Kes mentally resists, and the warlord rebukes Neelix and seduces the heir’s brother and Tuvok. Stardate 50348.1
Guest Stars: Anthony Crivello, Brad Greenquist, Galyn Gorg, Charles Emmett, Karl Wiedergott and Leigh J. McCloskey
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman; Directed by David Livingston

Starfleet update: Starfleet modifies its uniforms to black coats with gray shoulders.

3-53. "The Q and the Grey" 11/27/96 ½
While leading revolutionaries in a Civil War manifestation of the Q continuum, Q proposes a baby with Janeway to stop the fighting; and Q’s snobby mate navigates Voyager to the continuum as war ignies supernovas around the ship. Stardate 50384.2
Special Guest Stars: Suzie Pakson [Q], Harve Presnell [Q] and John de Lancie [Q]
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Shawn Piller; Directed by Cliff Bole

3-54. "Macrocosm" 12/11/96 **
Janeway battles giant viruses that matured from sick crewmembers when The Doctor accidentally contaminates Voyager with a mining colony’s epidemic and fails to administer his inoculations. Janeway compliments Neelix’s diplomacy in a trade mission. Stardate 50425.1
Guest Star: Albie Selznick
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by Alexander Singer

3-55. "Fair Trade" 1/8/97 **
At a trading outpost on the outskirts of Neelix’s Delta Quadrant knowledge, Neelix desperately seeks a map to preserve his usefulness to Voyager, unwittingly helps his Talaxian friend kill a narcotics dealer, and considers stealing Voyager warp plasma to appease vengeful drug suppliers.
Guest Stars: James Nardini, Carlos Carrasco, Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek], Steve Kehela, James Horan
Teleplay by Andre Bormanis; Story by Ronald Wilderson & Jean Louise Matthias; Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño

3-56. "Alter Ego" 1/15/97 *
As a ship malfunction strands Voyager in a volatile nebula that an alien dampening field keeps stable, Kim becomes jealous when his unrequited love interest, a tropical holodeck character, seeks romance with Tuvok. Kim consults Tuvok on how to suppress emotion, and Vorek’s attention to Torres stuns Paris. Stardate 50460.3
Guest Stars: Sandra Nelson, Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek]
Written by Joe Menosky; Directed by Robert Picardo

3-57. "Coda" 1/29/97 ½
After Viidians attack Janeway and Chakotay in a seemingly repetitive time loop, Janeway occupies Voyager as a "ghost," tries to contact her senior officers, and resists her alleged father’s invitations to another consciousness. Janeway, Chakotay, and Neelix reflect on talent night. Stardate 50518.6
Special Guest Star: Len Cariou [Admiral Janeway]
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by Nancy Malone

3-58. "Blood Fever" 2/5/97 ½
After Vorek’s pon’farr touch disrupts Torres’ sexual self-control, seismic activity traps her and Paris in a mining tunnel, Chakotay and Tuvok negotiate with camouflaged underground dwellers, and The Doctor urges Vorek to try a holographic mate. Chakotay finds a Borg corpse. Stardate 50537.2
Guest Stars: Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek], Bruce Bohne
Written by Lisa Klink; Directed by Andrew Robinson

Deep Space Nine update: Dukat announces Cardassia’s new alliance with the Dominion, spelling doom for the Maquis on stardate 50563.2 in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 5-113. "By Inferno’s Light" 2/15/97~.

3-59. "Unity" 2/12/97 *
At a colony where ex-Borg factions fight each other, Chakotay bonds with an idealistic female colonist whose faction healed him in a collective consciousness; and Janeway’s senior officers examine a disabled Borg cube which houses a neural generator that could reunite the colonists’ minds. The Doctor, Torres, and Kes autopsy a Borg drone. Stardate 50614.2
Guest Stars: Lori Hallier, Ivar Brogger
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

3-60. "Darkling" 2/19/97 *½
As Kes considers leaving Voyager with a new space-exploring boyfriend, The Doctor’s personality experiment spawns a sinister alter ego who assaults the boyfriend, interrogates Torres, and abducts Kes in an attempt to preserve himself. Stardate 50693.2
Guest Stars: David Lee Smith, Stephen Davies
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Alexander Singer

3-61. "Rise" 2/26/97 *½
During a rescue mission to determine what a scientist discovered about the asteroids bombarding his planet, Tuvok and Neelix supervise the scientist and three others on an elevator ascent toward Voyager, suspect a murderer among them, and debate Tuvok’s dismissive attitude when Neelix demands a rooftop check. Chakotay and Torres uncover evidence of an alien starship inside asteroid debris.
Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer, Lisa Kaminir, Kelly Connell, Tom Towles, Geof Prysirr
Teleplay by Brannon Braga; Story by Jimmy Diggs; Directed by Robert Scheerer

3-62. "Favorite Son" 3/19/97 *
Following Kim’s unprovoked attack on an alien ship, a predominantly female civilization claims that they implanted his embryo in an Earth woman, tempt him into staying, and repel Voyager with a planetary grid. Stardate 50732.4
Guest Stars: Cari Shayne, Deborah May, Patrick Fabian, Kelli Kirkland, Kristanna S. Loken
Written by Lisa Klink; Directed by Marvin V. Rush

3-63. "Before and After" 4/9/97 *½
When The Doctor’s experiment to extend an aged, amnesiac Kes’ lifespan reactivates residual radiation that sends her backward through her own lifetime, she interacts with her descendants and tracks down a radioactive Krenim torpedo to halt the time travel.
Guest Stars: Jessica Collins, Michael L. Maguire, Christopher Aguilar, Janna Michaels
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

3-64. "Real Life" 4/23/97 ***
As The Doctor struggles to control an obstinate holographic family, a recurring cosmic disruption traps Paris’ shuttlecraft in an "innerfold layer" during his mission to gather energy from a particle wake. Paris snatches Torres’ Klingon romance novel. Stardate 50836.2
Guest Stars: Wendy Schaal, Glenn Harris, Lindsey Haun
Teleplay by Jeri Taylor; Story by Harry Doc. Kloor; Directed by Anson Williams

Deep Space Nine update: Capt. Sisko helps rescue the few remaining Maquis survivors in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 5-121. "Blaze of Glory" 5/10/97~.

3-65. "Distant Origin" 4/30/97 *½
On a saurian city ship that captured Voyager, Chakotay helps defend a saurian paleontologist who snuck aboard Voyager to prove his "heresy" theory that Earth dinosaurs immigrated to the Delta Quadrant.
Guest Stars: Henry Woronicz, Christopher Liam Moore, Marshall R. Teague; Special Guest Star: Concetta Tomei [Minister Odala]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

Enterprise E update: Starfleet ships, including the U.S.S. Enterprise E and the U.S.S. Defiant, defend Earth against a Borg cube on stardate 50893.5 in "Star Trek: First Contact" 11/22/96.

3-66. "Displaced" 5/7/97 **
After a long-range transporter gradually swaps crew members with seemingly ignorant aliens, Janeway, Tuvok, Paris, and Torres sneak out of the crew’s self-contained biosphere to thwart their captors before reinforcements arrive. Torres denies Paris’ complaint that she behaves hostilely. Stardate 50912.4
Guest Stars: Kenneth Tigar, Mark L. Taylor, James Noah, Nancy Youngblut
Written by Lisa Klink; Directed by Allan Kroeker

3-67. "Worst Case Scenario" 5/14/97 **½
As Paris collaborates with Tuvok on his popular, unfinished holodeck simulation of a Maquis mutiny aboard Voyager, Seska’s secret revisions trap them inside and turn holographic crew members against them. Stardate 50953.4
Guest Star: Martha Hackett [Ensign Seska]
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Alexander Singer

Deep Space Nine update: Starfleet evacuates Deep Space Nine when official war breaks out between the Federation-Klingon alliance and the Cardassian-Dominion alliance on stardate 50975.2 in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 6-124. "Call to Arms" 6/14/97~. The Doctor goes insane around stardate 50979 according to episode 5-105. "Latent Image" 1/20/99.

3-68. "Scorpion" [Part I] 5/21/97 *
During an impervious alien species’ extermination of Borg vessels in their own territory, Kes telepathically senses the species’ malevolence, a species pilot infects Kim, and Chakotay protests Janeway’s plan to demand safe passage from the Borg in exchange for medicinal nanoprobes that the Doctor modified. Janeway beseeches a holographic Leonardo da Vinci for a bench in his workshop. Stardate 50984.3
Special Guest Star: John Rhys-Davies [Leonardo da Vinci]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

FOURTH SEASON (year 2374)

4-69. "Scorpion, Part II" 9/3/97 **½
During the Voyager crew’s uneasy Borg alliance against Species 8472, Janeway and Tuvok collaborate with Seven of Nine on bio-molecular warheads, 8472 aliens telepathically communicate with Kes, Borg drones occupy a Voyager cargo bay, Chakotay rejects the Borg alliance despite a dehabilitated Janeway’s orders, and Seven forces Voyager to combat 8472 bio-ships in fluidic space. Stardate 51003.7
Also Starring: Jennifer Lien [Kes]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

4-70. "The Gift" 9/10/97 **
Janeway orders the Doctor to help Seven’s body rejects its Borg implants, convinces Seven to help Torres and Kim remove Borg modifications from Voyager’s propulsion system, and forces Seven to accept human individuality; and Janeway, Tuvok, and The Doctor work to suppress Kes’ escalating mental abilities when they begin de-stabilizing her and her surroundings. Stardate 51008
Also Starring: Jennifer Lien [Kes]
Written by Joe Menosky; Directed by Anson Williams

4-71. "Day of Honor" 9/17/97 *½
During Torres’ day of bad luck, Torres alienates Paris and avoids a Klingon holiday, Seven finds integration with the Voyager crew challenging, a failed transwarp experiment with Seven forces Torres to eject the warp core, and a panhandling armada use it to blackmail Voyager after stranding Torres and Paris in outer space.
Guest Stars: Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek], Alan Altshuld, Michael A. Krawic, Kevin P. Stillwell
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño

4-72. "Nemesis" 9/24/97 **
As Chakotay bonds with humanoid soldiers and villagers in a jungle warzone, the humanoids’ menacing enemies assist Voyager in a rescue mission. Stardate 51082.4
Guest Stars: Michael Mahonen, Matt E. Levin, Nathan Anderson, Peter Vogt, Booth Colman, Meghan Murphy
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Alexander Singer

4-73. "Revulsion" 10/1/97 *
While The Doctor and Torres aid a fecidious maintenance hologram whose crew died violently, Kim awkwardly collaborates with Seven on a new astrometrics laboratory. Janeway promotes Tuvok to lieutenant commander; Paris kisses Torres; The Doctor assigns Paris to sickbay; and Janeway appoints Neelix to ambassador. Stardate 51186.2
Guest Star: Leland Orser
Written by Lisa Klink; Directed by Kenneth Biller

4-74. "The Raven" 10/8/97 ½
Tuvok, Paris, and Voyager pursue Seven’s shuttlecraft after a homing signal, visions of Borg drones, and hallucinations of a raven compel her to forcibly trespass into hostile space. Seven learns imagination from Janeway and eating from Neelix.
Guest Stars: Richard J. Zobel, Jr., Mickey Cottrell
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller; Story by Bryan Fuller and Harry Doc Kloor; Directed by LeVar Burton

4-75. "Scientific Method" 10/29/97 **
Seven and The Doctor conspire to thwart invisible scientists when their experiments on the crew cause headaches for Janeway, genetic mutations for Chakotay and Neelix, dehabilitation for Torres and The Doctor, and sickness in crew members. Janeway orders Paris and Torres to use better judgement when they fail to keep their relationship secret. Torres orders Seven to obey the ship’s hiearchy, and Chakotay heads the study of binary pulsars. Stardate 51244.3
Guest Stars: Rosemary Forsyth, Annette Helde
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Sherry Klein & Harry Doc Kloor; Directed by David Livingston

4-76. "Year of Hell" [Part I] 11/5/97 ***½
A distant Krenim weapon ship’s obsessed captain, responsible for erasing entire species from history, targets Voyager after indirectly causing a timeline where advanced Krenim vessels batter her. Kim and Seven unveil the astrometrics lab; Chakotay recommends abandoning ship; The Doctor preaches objectivity to Paris after The Doctor seals the hatch on two doomed crew members; Tuvok loses his sign when Seven studies an undetonated torpedo to perfect temporal shielding; Chakotay gives Janeway a pocket watch for her birthday; and the weapon ship kidnaps Chakotay and Paris. Stardate 51252.3
Guest Star: John Loprieno; Special Guest Star: Kurtwood Smith [Annorax]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Allan Kroeker

4-77. "Year of Hell, Part II" 11/12/97 ***½
As Chakotay collaborates with Annorax on temporal calculations to restore both Voyager and the Krenim Emperium, Janeway’s senior officers, Paris, and a Krenim dissenter prepare opposition against the weapon ship. Seven and The Doctor challenge Janeway’s recklessness. Stardate 51425.4
Guest Star: John Loprieno; Special Guest Star: Kurtwood Smith [Annorax]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Mike Vejar

4-78. "Random Thoughts" 11/19/97 *
As a telepathic society’s authorities prepare to purge Torres’ memory for allegedly passing a violent thought onto a susceptible citizen, Tuvok baits a merchant who secretly markets violent imagery. Seven criticizes the crew’s inquisitive exploration. Stardate 51367.2
Guest Stars: Gwynyth Walsh, Wayne Péré, Rebecca McFarland
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Alexander Singer

4-79. "Concerning Flight" 11/26/97 *
After searching a city with Tuvok to recover Voyager’s main computer processor from space thieves, Janeway persuades the holographically mobile Leonardo da Vinci to help her infiltrate a lead thief’s guarded storage facility. Janeway encourages da Vinci to continue inventing in Florence, and interprets the technological advances that he witnessed; and Seven’s tactlessness bothers Kim and The Doctor. Stardate 51386.4
Guest Stars: John Vargas, Don Pugsley; Special Guest Star: John Rhys-Davies [Leonardo da Vinci]
Written by Joe Menosky; Story by Jimmy Diggs and Joe Menosky; Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño

4-80. "Mortal Coil" 12/17/97 **½
When Seven’s resuscitation of Neelix’s corpse convinces him that no afterlife exists, Chakotay aids his struggle to cope. Neelix tucks Naomi in, and Janeway encourages Seven to mingle. Stardate 51449.2
Guest Stars: Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Brooke Stephens [Naomi Wildman]
Written by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

4-81. "Waking Moments" 1/14/98 **
Chakotay and The Doctor seek out the physical bodies of aliens who tranquilized the crew and captured them in a dream of Voyager. Chakotay and Janeway practice lucid dreaming. Stardate 51471.3
Guest Star: Mark Colson
Written by Andre Bormanis; Directed by Alexander Singer

4-82. "Message in a Bottle" 1/21/98 **½
When Voyager uses an alien relay network to transport The Doctor to an experimental Starfleet vessel in the Alpha Quadrant, The Doctor conspires with the vessel’s holographic doctor to drug the Romulans that killed the crew and took over. Torres criticizes Seven’s rudeness and compliments her for electrocuting a Hirogen relay supervisor, and Kim works on a new holographic doctor to relieve Paris after he treats heartburn patients who ate Neelix’s chili. Stardate 51462
Guest Stars: Judson Scott, Valerie Wildman; Special Guest Star: Andy Dick [EMH-2]
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Rick Williams; Directed by Nancy Malone

4-83. "Hunters" 2/11/98 ***
As Voyager downloads personal letters and an encrypted Starfleet message from a relay station, two Hirogen hunters capture Tuvok and Seven and summon reinforcements to attack Voyager. Neelix delivers letters; Janeway’s ex-fiance disappoints her; the Maquis’ annihilation stuns Chakotay and Torres; Kim eagerly awaits his family’s letter; and Paris’ apathy toward his father’s letter puzzles Torres. Stardate 51501.4
Co-Stars: Tiny Ron [Alpha-Hirogen], Roger Morrissey [Beta-Hirogen]
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by David Livingston

4-84. "Prey" 2/18/98 ***
After a wounded Hirogen helps the senior officers contain a Species 8472 alien that stowed away on Voyager, Seven refuses Janeway’s order to return the alien home as Hirogen ships approach to fight for custody of it. The Doctor familiarizes Seven with social graces. Stardate 51652.3
Guest Star: Clint Carmichael; Special Guest Star: Tony Todd [Hirogen]
Written by Brannon Braga; Directed by Allan Eastman

4-85. "Retrospect" 2/25/98 *
Tuvok and Janeway investigate an apprehensive arms dealer when The Doctor, upon using regression therapy on Seven, concludes that the dealer stole nanoprobes from Seven’s body and supressed her memory of it. Stardate 51679.4
Guest Stars: Michael Horton, Adrian Sparks
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Lisa Klink; Story by Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman; Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño

4-86. "The Killing Game" [Part I] 3/4/98 ½
As Hirogen invaders subject senior officers to a World War II holodeck simulation and neural interfaces that cause them to think like French rebels and American soldiers fighting Hirogen and holographic Nazis, Janeway Tuvok, and Torres plan to blow up a radio transmitter in Nazi headquarters while Seven seeks a control panel there to allow Kim and The Doctor access to the neural interfaces. Janeway and Tuvok distrust Seven; a Hirogen officer tires of his leader’s agenda to study the crew and unite the Hirogen with holographic technology; and Paris recalls a relationship with Torres before the Nazi second-in-command impregnated her.
Guest Stars: Danny Goldring, Mark Deakins, Mark Metcalf, J. Paul Boehmer, Paul S Eckstein
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

4-87. "The Killing Game, Part II" 3/4/98 *½
As holographic World War II fighting spills out onto Voyager, Janeway and Chakotay head towards sickbay to disable the neural interfaces while Paris, Torres, Tuvok, and Seven defend against a Nazi siege; and a Hirogen traitor hunts Janeway after her agreement with his leader while The Doctor and Neelix recruit Klingon reinforcements for the French and American fighters. The Nazi second-in-command resents Torres and sways the Hirogen officer, and Kim prepares a holographic overload. Stardate 51715.2
Guest Stars: Danny Goldring, Mark Deakins, Mark Metcalf, J. Paul Boehmer, Paul S Eckstein
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Victor Lobl

4-88. "Vis à Vis" 4/8/98 *½
After Paris helps a test pilot repair his space-folding vessel, the pilot forcibly swaps bodies with him, ships him into hostile territory, and grows bored with his Voyager life. A distracted Paris neglects sickbay duties and Torres to work on a 1967 Chevy camero. Stardate 51762.4
Guest Stars: Dan Butler [Steth], Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Written by Robert J. Doherty; Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño

4-89. "The Omega Directive" 4/15/98 **
As Seven protests Janeway’s obedience to a classified Starfleet directive that requires her to destroy dangerous molecules which represent perfection to the Borg, Janeway’s senior officers steal the molecules from a devastated lunar facility and work to neutralize them while alien rescue ships attack Voyager. Chakotay persuades Janeway to brief the senior officers, and Kim resists Seven’s Borg names during teamwork to assemble a containment chamber. Stardate 51781.2
Teleplay by Lisa Klink; Story by Jimmy Diggs & Steve J. Kay; Directed by Victor Lobl

4-90. "Unforgettable" 4/22/98 *
A lover whom a wary Chakotay can’t remember seeks asylum on Voyager as the lover’s fellow bounty hunters pursue the ship to reclaim her. Stardate 51813.4
Guest Star: Michael Canavan; Special Guest Appearance by: Virgina Madsen
Written by Greg Elliot & Michael Perricone; Directed by Andrew J. Robinson

4-91. "Living Witness" 4/29/98 **½
On a racially-divided planet 700 years into the future, The Doctor’s backup hologram and a museum curator struggle to correct a historic recreation of how Voyager allegedly massacred his ancestors.
Guest Stars: Henry Woronicz, Rod Arrants, Craig Richard Nelson, Marie Chambers, Brian Fitzpatrick, Morgan H. Margolis
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by Tim Russ

4-92. "Demon" 5/6/98 *½
After Paris and an assertive Kim search for Voyager fuel on a fiery, toxic planet, Janeway’s senior officers ponder how Kim and Paris adapted to the atmosphere, and Voyager starts sinking into a metallic liquid. The Doctor protests when Neelix and crew members sleep in sickbay.
Guest Star: Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek]
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Andre Bormanis; Directed by Anson Williams

4-93. "One" 5/13/98 **
Hallucinations and loneliness plague Seven as she pilots a degrading Voyager through a radioactive nebula that restricts the crew to long-term stasis chambers and incapacitates The Doctor. The Doctor teaches Seven how to socialize, and a claustrophobic Paris sleepwalks. Stardate 51929.3
Guest Star: Wade Williams
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by Kenneth Biller

4-94. "Hope and Fear" 5/20/98 **
When an alien linguist’s decryption of the Starfleet message directs Voyager to a fast vessel that could expedite them to Earth, Janeway restrains the crew’s optimism, instructs her senior officers to research the vessel’s quantum slipstream drive, and works to dissuade Seven’s decision to stay in the Delta Quadrant. Janeway defends the worth of "intuition" following a holodeck game against Seven. Stardate 51978.2
Guest Stars: Ray Wise [Arturis], Jack Shearer
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, & Joe Menosky; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Deep Space Nine update: Dukat kills Lt. Jadzia as Capt. Sisko commands an offensive fleet toward Cardassia in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 6-150. "Tears of the Prophets" 5/2/98~

FIFTH SEASON (year 2375)

5-95. "Night" 10/14/98 **½
As crew morale deteriorates during Voyager’s journey through a desolate black void, Voyager fights to destroy a spatial vortex that has allowed Malon exporters to dump toxic waste into an indigenous race’s territory. Chakotay consults Tuvok about Janeway’s isolation and reckless guilt; Paris and Kim reenact a 1930’s science fiction serial; and Neelix suffers from a nothingness phobia. Stardate 52081.2
Guest Stars: Ken Magee, Steven Dennis, Martin Rayner [Chaotica]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

5-96. "Drone" 10/21/98 *½
After Seven’s nanoprobes, The Doctor’s mobile emitter, and a transporter malfunction catalyses the growth of a 29th century Borg male, a long-range Borg sphere interrupts Seven’s attempt to adapt him to Voyager life. Seven suggests that Paris design a better shuttlecraft, and Kim commands the night shift.
Guest Stars: J. Paul Boehmer, Todd Babcock
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Bryan Fuller and Harry Doc Kloor; Directed by Les Landau

5-97. "Extreme Risk" 10/28/98 **
As an apathetic Torres obsessively risks her life in dangerous holodeck programs, Paris’ team races to construct a resistant shuttlecraft before a Malon freighter can salvage Voyager’s probe from a gas giant.
Guest Stars: Hamilton Camp, Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek]
Written by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Cliff Bole

5-98. "In the Flesh" 11/4/98 **
Chakotay dates a female Commander at a Starfleet headquarters re-creation where genetically altered Species 8472 aliens practice posing as humanoids in order to infiltrate the Federation. Seven works on a nanoprobe modified arsenal and opposes negotiation. Stardate 52136.4
Guest Stars: Kate Vernon, Zach Galligan, Tucker Smallwood; Special Guest Star: Ray Walston
Written by Nick Sagan; Directed by David Livingston

5-99. "Once Upon a Time" 11/11/98 *
Neelix tries to preoccupy his goddaughter Naomi when an ion storm forces her mother, Tuvok, and Paris to crash-land the Delta Flyer deep into a planetoid. Naomi interacts with storybook characters in a holodeck.
Guest Stars: Justin Louis, Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]; Special Guest Star: Wallace Langham [Flotter]
Written by Michael Taylor; Directed by John Kretchmer

5-100. "Timeless" 11/18/98 **½
Chakotay, his lover, Kim, and The Doctor evade La Forge’s starship as they attempt to use a Borg temporal transmitter to correct a 15-year-old quantum slipstream flight that crashed Voyager onto a frozen planet. Stardate 52143.6
Guest Stars: Christine Harnos; Special Appearnce by LeVar Burton [Capt. Geordi La Forge]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by LeVar Burton

5-101. "Infinite Regress" 11/25/98 ½
When aliens infect the core of a Borg cube and it causes assimilated personalities to overrun Seven, the virus’ creators attack Voyager to retrieve the core, Torres works to disable it, and Tuvok mind-melds with Seven to isolate her true self. Naomi emulates Seven to become Janeway’s bridge assistant. Stardate 52188.7
Guest Stars: Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman], Neil Maffin
Teleplay by Robert J. Doherty; Story by Robert J. Doherty and Jimmy Diggs; Directed by David Livingston

5-102. "Nothing Human" 12/2/98 **
Following The Doctor’s collaboration with a holographic Cardassian exobiologist to save Torres from an intrusive alien leech, she refuses treatment when a Bajoran officer exposes the exobiologist’s past atrocities. Janeway and Chakotay attempt to decipher the leech vessel’s distress call.
Guest Stars: David Clennon, Jad Mager
Written by Jeri Taylor; Directed by David Livingston

5-103. "Thirty Days" 12/9/98 **
During a one-month prison sentence aboard Voyager, Paris composes a letter to his father recounting the Delta Flyer’s mission into a planet-sized ball of water to research its dissipation. Kim longs for the uninterested twin Delaney sister of a woman who likes him. Stardate 57129.4
Guest Stars: Willie Garson, Benjamin Livingston, Alissa Kramer, Heidi Kramer
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller; Story by Scott Miller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

Enterprise E update: U.S.S. Enterprise E senior officers help Ba’Ku villagers rebel against a Federation-Son’a conspiracy in "Star Trek: Insurrection" 12/11/98.

5-104. "Counterpoint" 12/16/98 **
As Voyager hides telepathic crew members and refugees from inspection patrols that persecute telepaths, Janeway conspires with a charming defector to aid the telepaths’ escape into an unfixed wormhole.
Guest Stars: Mark Harelik, Randy Oglesby, J. Patrick McCormack, Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek]
Written by Michael Taylor; Directed by Les Landau

5-105. "Latent Image" 1/20/99 ***
The Doctor and Seven confront the conspirator who erased The Doctor’s 18-month-old and 24-hour memories about an ensign, a shuttlecraft survey mission with her and Kim, and an alien attack.
Guest Stars: Nancy Bell, Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Eileen Connors and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Mike Vejar

5-106. "Bride of Chaotica!" 1/27/99 *
When war between photonic aliens and the supervillian in Paris’ "Captain Proton" simulation impedes Voyager’s escape from a sub-space layer, Janeway, Paris, Kim, and The Doctor assume roles in the storyline to defeat the supervillian.
Guest Stars: Martin Rayner [Chaotica], Nicholas Worth [Lonzak]
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor; Story by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

5-107. "Gravity" 2/3/99 *
While Tuvok, Paris, and The Doctor ally with a female rogue against humanoid attackers on a sub-space planet where time passes faster than normal, the rouge falls for Tuvok as Voyager races to rescue them before an alien ship seals the entrance to the planet. Tuvok recalls an old emotional attraction and training from his Vulcan master. Stardate 52438.9
Guest Stars: Joseph Ruskin, Leroy D. Brazile, Paul S. Eckstein; Special Guest Star: Lori Petty [Nas]
Teleplay by Nick Sagan & Bryan Fuller; Story by Jimmy Diggs and Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan; Directed by Terry Windell

5-108. "Bliss" 2/10/99 **
An obsessed pilot aids Seven, Naomi, and The Doctor against a gigantic, telepathic organism when it lures Voyager into its digestive chamber by deluding her crew and mimicking a wormhole to Earth. Seven and Naomi express disinterest in returning to Earth. Stardate 52542.3
Guest Stars: Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]; Special Guest Star: W. Morgan Sheppard [Qatai]
Teleplay by Robert J. Doherty; Story by Bill Prady; Directed by Cliff Bole

5-109&110. "Dark Frontier" 2/17/99 *
After Seven defects to a crippled Borg sphere during a Voyager away mission to steal a transwarp coil, Janeway, Tuvok, Paris, and The Doctor mount a shuttlecraft rescue as the Borg Queen re-educates her. Janeway orders Seven to review her parents’ three-year Borg research. Stardate 52619.2
Guest Stars: Susanna Thompson, Kirk Baily, Laura Stepp, Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]
Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Cliff Bole, Terry Windell

5-111. "The Disease" 2/24/99 *½
On a huge generational ship of xenophobic aliens, dissidents sabotage the vessel with silicon-based parasites and stow away on Voyager while a love-sick Kim disobeys both interspecies protocol and Janeway’s orders to prolong his romance with an alien woman.
Guest Stars: Musetta Vander, Christopher Liam Moore, Charles Rocket
Teleplay by Michael Taylor; Story by Kenneth Biller; Directed by David Livingston

5-112. "Course: Oblivion" 3/3/99 *
When an enhanced warp drive catalyzes molecular de-cohesion in both ship and crew, they race against deterioration to seek a Demon class planet. Paris becomes insubordinate after his new bride Torres degrades. Stardate 52586.3
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan; Story by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Anson Williams

5-113. "The Fight" 3/24/99 *
As chaotic space traps and batters Voyager, native aliens try to communicate escape instructions to Chakotay by inducing maddening hallucinations of a boxing match, his old trainer Boothby, and his mentally-ill grandfather.
Guest Stars: Carlos Palomino, Ned Romero; Special Guest Star: Ray Walston [Boothby]
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Michael Taylor; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

5-114. "Think Tank" 3/31/99 *½
Advanced, perceptive aliens that seek problems to solve offer to save Voyager from a bounty hunter entrapment in exchange for Seven’s allegiance.
Special Guest Star: Jason Alexander [Kuros]; Guest Stars: Christopher Darga, Christopher Shea
Teleplay by Michael Taylor; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga; Directed by Terrence O’Hara

Deep Space Nine update: the Breen attack Earth in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine": 7-170. "The Changing Face of Evil" 4/24/99~.

5-115. "Juggernaut" 4/26/99 *½
While Torres, Chakotay, Neelix, and two Malon face irradiated chambers and a saboteur to disable a volatile toxic freighter before it explodes, Janeway, Tuvok, and Seven work to divert the freighter into a star. Tuvok coaches Torres to control her temper, and a Malon controller defends his livelihood to her criticisms.
Guest Stars: Ron Canada, Lee Arenberg, Scott Klace
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan and Kenneth Biller; Story by Bryan Fuller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

5-116. "Someone to Watch Over Me" 4/28/99 *
The Doctor falls for Seven as he teachers her how to date and socialize. Neelix fears for a trade agreement when a puritan ambassador in his care indulges aboard the ship. Stardate 52647
Guest Stars: Scott Thompson, Ian Abercrombie, David Burke and Brian McNamara
Teleplay by Michael Taylor; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

5-117. "11:59" 5/5/99 ½
On the eve of 2001 in Indiana, Janeway’s ancestor stays with a bookstore owner and his son while working to dissuade the stubborn owner from single-handedly blocking construction of a self-sustaining bio-sphere called the "Millenium Gate." Actual historic fragments about the ancestor disenchant Janeway.
Special Guest Star: Kevin Tighe; Guest Stars: Bradley Pierce and John Carroll Lynch
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

118. "Relativity" 5/12/99 **½
A 29th century Federation timeship recruits Seven to revisit events in Voyager’s past to stop a saboteur from destroying Voyager with a time-fracturing device. The timeship’s captain criticizes Janeway. Stardate 52861.274
Guest Stars: Bruce McGill [Capt. Braxton], Dakin Matthews, Jay Karnes
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Nick Sagan & Michael Taylor; Story by Nick Sagan; Directed by Allan Eastman

5-119. "Warhead" 5/19/99 **
When an artificially-intelligent missle comandeers The Doctor’s program and forces Voyager toward its target, Kim works to dissuade it while Janeway, Seven, and Neelix scheme a plan to disarm it. Kim heads his first away mission. Paris celebrates the anniversary of his first date with Torres.
Teleplay by Michael Taylor & Kenneth Biller; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by John Kretchmer

120. "Equinox" [Part I] 5/26/99 **½
Creatures that can desiccate flesh work to penetrate Voyager when she shields a Federation science vessel whose crew’s secretly genocidal measures to quicken their journey provoked the attacks. Janeway overrides the captain’s authority; Torres’ Academy boyfriend hides an energy converter from her; Chakotay rescues a claustrophobic engineer; Seven helps calm a pinned crewman; and The Doctor encounters an unethical counterpart.
Special Guest Star: John Savage [Capt. Rudy Ransom]; Guest Stars: Titus Welliver, Olivia Birkelund [Ensign Marla Gilmore], Rick Worthy [Ensign Noah Lessing]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

Deep Space Nine update: the Federation, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire cease war with the Dominion, Breen , and Cardassian Union when "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" concludes in 7-175&176. "What You Leave Behind" 5/29/99~.

SIXTH SEASON (year 2376)

6-121. "Equinox, Part II" 9/22/99 ***
While Chakotay opposes Janeway’s vendetta to hunt down the Equinox and insists on communicating with the aliens to stop their attacks, Ransom begins perceiving a conscientious Seven in his landscape viewer after he reprograms The Doctor to lethally extract Equinox power relay codes from her. The Equinox Doctor spies on the crew; Chakotay openly defies Janeway when they interrogate Noah after ambushing his away team; Torres contacts Max to dissuade his stubbornness; and Janeway relieves Chakotay.
Special Guest Star: John Savage [Capt. Rudy Ransom]; Guest Stars: Titus Welliver, Olivia Birkelund [Ensign Marla Gilmore], Rick Worthy [Ensign Noah Lessing]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by David Livingston

6-122. "Survival Instinct" 9/29/99 *
Seven mentally links with three of her ex-Borg teammates to recover memories of an eight-year-old crash-landing, which separated the four of them from the collective, that could explain why the trio still perceives each other's thoughts. Stardate 53049.2
Guest Stars: Vaughn Armstrong, Bertila Damas, Tim Kelleher
Written by Ronald D. Moore; Directed by Terry Windell

6-123. "Barge of the Dead" 10/6/99 ½
When a shuttlecraft mishap brings Torres near-death, she witnesses her friends’ murders at a celebration for her newfound Klingon artifact, perceives her mother on a barge destined for Klingon hell, blames her own hatred of Klingon heritage for condemning her mother, and revisits the barge to rescue her.
Guest Stars: Eric Pierpoint, Sherman Augustus and Karen Austin
Teleplay by Brian Fuller; Story by Ronald D. Moore & Bryan Fuller; Directed by Mike Vejar

6-124. "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy" 10/13/99 **
When an alien surveillance officer realizes that he based his recommendations to raid Voyager on The Doctor’s daydreams, the officer divulges countermeasures to the raid in exchange for the Voyager crew’s adherence to a surveillance report wherein The Doctor commands the ship. Exclusion from an away mission, Janeway’s rejection to an Emergency Command Hologram proposal, and the senior officers’ peek into The Doctor’s uncontrolled daydreams depresses him.
Guest Stars: Jay M. Leggett, Googy Gress
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Bill Vallety; Directed by John Bruno

6-125. "Alice" 10/20/99 **
Paris restores a small, derelict vessel whose mental interface seduces him to steal Voyager components, neglect his friends and duties, and escape from Voyager to fly into a distant particle fountain. The vessel’s previous owner accidentally trades a valuable crystal to Neelix, and the vessel tries to kill Torres.
Guest Stars: Claire Rankin, John Fleck
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor; Story by Juliann deLayne; Directed by David Livingston

6-126. "Riddles" 11/3/99 **½
When an invisible attacker impairs Tuvok’s logical brain functions just as he scans its cloaking frequency, Neelix heads a frustrated Tuvok’s rehabilitation and mentors his creative ambitions while Janeway, an obsessed deputy investigator, and Seven work on disabling the xenophobic race’s cloak.
Guest Star: Mark Moses
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Andre Bormanis; Directed by Roxann Dawson

6-127. "Dragon’s Teeth" 11/10/99 ½
As Voyager hides in a decimated civilization from alien ships that want to erase her flight record of a sub-space corridor, the Voyager crew awakens a 900-year-old battalion and conspires to relocate their civilization past the alien ships’ blockade. Ancient Talaxian folk tales compel Neelix and Seven to investigate the civilization’s treachery; Seven aims to help redeem her assimilation of civilizations; and Naomi resents battalion kids’ ridicule of Neelix. Stardate 53167.9
Guest Stars: Jeff Allin and Robert Knepper [Gaul]
Teleplay by Michael Taylor and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Michael Taylor; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

6-128. "One Small Step" 11/17/99 *½
After a collision traps Seven, Paris, and an injured Chakotay within a "graviton ellipse" during the Delta Flyer’s mission to salvage a 2032 Mars command module, Seven replays the pilot’s final log entries as she seeks a power unit onboard the module. Stardate 53292.7
Special Guest Star: Phil Morris [Lt. John Mark Kelly]
Teleplay by Mike Wollaeger & Jessica Scott and Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor; Story by Mike Wollaeger & Jessica Scott; Directed by Robert Picardo

6-129. "The Voyager Conspiracy" 11/24/99 **
While the crew helps fix a traveler’s invention to "catapult" ships light years ahead, Seven assimilates Voyager records and separately warns Chakotay and Janeway about a five-year-old conspiracy to incorporate the original Caretaker’s power module into the catapult. Janeway and Chakotay exchange rumors. Stardate 53329
Guest Star: Albie Selznick
Written by Joe Menosky; Directed by Terry Windell

6-130. "Pathfinder" 12/1/99 **
Barclay’s commander forces him to seek Troi’s counsel when he obsesses over a plan to contact Voyager and befriends holographic recreations of Voyager’s crew.
Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt. Reginald Barclay]; Guest Stars: Richard Herd [Admiral Owen Paris], Richard McGonagle [Cmdr. Harkins] and Special Guest Appearance by: Marina Sirtis [Cmdr. Deanna Troi]
Teleplay by David Zabel and Kenneth Biller; Story by David Zabel; Directed by Mike Vejar

6-131. "Fair Haven" 1/12/00 ½
During Voyager’s flight through a radioactive storm, Janeway permits 24-hour operation of Paris’ holographic Irish village, modifies one of its barkeeps to suit her tastes, and feels uneasy upon pursuing a romance with him. The Doctor plays a village priest.
Guest Star: Richard Rieghle and Special Guest Star: Fintan McKeown
Written by Robin Burger; Directed by Allan Kroeker

6-132. "Blink of an Eye" 1/19/00 **
As Voyager works to escape from a planetary field that causes its inhabitants to experience days for each moment on the ship, evolving civilizations speculate on Voyager’s nature, attempt to contact her, and justifiably blame her for centuries of seismic tremors. The Doctor lives out three years on the planet, and Janeway recruits an astronaut who boarded the ship.
Guest Star: Daniel Dae Kim
Teleplay by Joe Menosky; Story by Michael Taylor; Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont

6-133. "Virtuoso" 1/26/00 **½
When a mathematical race reveres the Doctor’s singing, he resigns from Voyager to pursue romance and a musical career.
Guest Stars: Kamala Lopez-Dawson, Ray Xifo, Paul Williams
Teleplay by Raf Green and Kenneth Biller; Story by Raf Green; Directed by Les Landau

6-134. "Memorial" 2/2/00 *½
When Chakotay, Paris, Kim, and Neelix suffer from memories that they massacred 82 civilians at an alien warzone, Voyager retraces their 2-week away mission to a faraway planet.
Guest Star: L.L. Ginter
Teleplay by Robin Burger; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by Allan Kroker

6-135. "Tsunkatse" 2/9/00 *
When an alien abducts Seven and Tuvok and forces Seven to fight in a televised arena, a Hirogen combatant trains her to kill while Voyager pursues the arena’s vessel. Torres encourages Chakotay to see more matches; Neelix suffers from sunburn; and The Doctor plans a bug museum trip. Stardate 53447.2
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Combs, J.G. Hertzler; Special Guest Star: The Rock
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Gannon Kenney; Directed by Mike Vejar

6-136. "Collective" 2/16/00 ½
While Seven and Janeway stall five adolescent Borg drones who want Voyager’s deflector array in exchange for the hostages they captured, Seven works to soften them as she repairs their cube, Janeway orders the Doctor to develop the pathogen that killed their adult drones, and Tuvok guides Kim’s attempt to sabotage the cube’s shield generators.
Guest Stars: Ryan Spahn, Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Marley S. McClean [Mezoti], Kurt Wetherill [Azan], Cody Wetherill [Rebi]
Teleplay by Michael Taylor; Story by Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman; Directed by Allison Liddi

6-137. "Spirit Folk" 2/23/00 *½
When deteriorating sub-routines allow the Fair Haven townspeople to perceive crew members’ holodeck alterations, Sutter (from episode #6-131) asks Janeway for explanation as his community fearfully captures Paris, Kim, and The Doctor.
Guest Stars: Richard Riehle, Ian Abercrombie, Ian Patrick Williams, Henriette Ivanans, Duffie McIntire and Special Guest Star: Fintan McKeown
Written by Bryan Fuller; Directed by David Livingston

6-138. "Ashes to Ashes" 3/1/00 ½
After a resurrected ensign escapes from an alien race that reanimated her corpse in their own image, Kim falls for her as she struggles to resume her old Voyager life. The Borg children rebel against Seven’s regimental parenting. Stardate 53679.4
Guest Stars: Kim Rhodes, Marley McClean [Mezoti]; Co-Stars: Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman], Kevin Lone [Q’ret], Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Kurt Wetherill [Azan], Cody Wetherill [Rebi]
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Ronald Wilkerson; Directed by Terry Windell

6-139. "Child’s Play" 3/8/00 *½
Seven disputes Janeway’s intent to return Icheb to the Borg-decimated settlement where he originally lived, reluctantly pushes him to reunite with his agrarian parents, and investigates the circumstances of his Borg assimilation. Voyager holds her first annual science fair.
Guest Stars: Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Tracey Ellis, Mark A. Sheppard, Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]; Co-Stars: Kevin Lone [Q’ret], Kurt Wetherill [Azam], Cody Wetherill [Rebi]
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Ronald Wilkerson; Directed by Terry Windell

6-140. "Good Shepherd" 3/15/00 **
Dark matter lifeforms cripple the Delta Flyer during Janeway’s survey mission with a misfit away team, comprised of a solitary cosmological theorist, a hypochondriac biologist, and an insecure sensor analyst. Seven presents a shipwide efficiency analysis. Stardate 53753.2
Guest Stars: Jay Underwood, Michael Reisz, Kimble Jemison and Zoe McLellan
Teleplay by Dianna Gitto & Joe Menosky; Story by Dianna Gitto; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

6-141. "Live Fast and Prosper" 4/19/00 *½
Janeway’s senior officers attempt to apprehend three conniving imposters who distracted Paris and Neelix to acquire Starfleet data, gave Neelix a heating coil that dehabilitated Voyager, and impersonated Janeway, Chakotay, and Tuvok to steal aliens’ resources. Paris’s and Kim’s practical joke on Tuvok’s holodeck program annoys him, and a humiliated Paris and Neelix try to swindle The Doctor. Stardate 53849.2
Guest Stars: Kaitlin Hopkins, Gregg Daniel, Francis Guinan, Ted Rooney, Scott Lincoln
Written by Robin Burger; Directed by LeVar Burton

6-142. "Muse" 4/26/00 *½
Following the Delta Flyer’s crash into secluded wilderness, a poet solicits Torres for information on Voyager life to inspire a play that could stop an impending war. Tuvok deprives himself of sleep during Voyager’s search for Torres and Kim, and a jealous actress threatens to expose Torres. Stardate 53918
Guest Stars: Joseph Will, Kellie Waymire, Tony Amendola, Jack Axelrod, Michael Houston King, Kathleen Garrett, Stoney Westmoreland and John Schuck
Written by Joe Menosky; Directed by Mike Vejar

6-143. "Fury" 5/3/00 **
After an elderly Kes destructively accesses Voyager’s warp core to infiltrate 2371, she impersonates her earlier self to sabotage the ship’s evasion of a Viidian ambush while Tuvok hallucinates premonitions from 2376; and Janeway confronts Kes as Chakotay and Kim fight off a Viidian siege. Janeway celebrates Tuvok’s birthday, and The Doctor collaborates with Samantha on a Viidian neural agent.
Also Starring: Jennifer Lien [Kes]; Guest Stars: Nancy Hower [Ensign Samantha Wildman], Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman], Vaughn Armstrong, Josh Clark
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller & Michael Taylor; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga; Directed by John Bruno

6-144. "Life Line" 5/10/00 **½
Barclay recruits Troi when the abrasive father of holographic life condescendingly refuses The Doctor’s Borg treatment for a terminal illness. Troi and The Doctor consult a beloved holographic assistant, and Chakotay helps Janeway compose a status report for Starfleet.
Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt. Reginald Barclay]; Guest Stars: Tamara Craig Thomas, Jack Shearer and Special Guest Appearance by: Marina Sirtis [Lt. Cmdr. Deanna Troi]
Teleplay by Robert Doherty & Raf Green and Brannon Braga; Story by John Bruno & Robert Picardo; Directed by Terry Windell

6-145. "The Haunting of Deck Twelve" 5/17/00 *½
To preoccupy the Borg children during a power blackout, Neelix recounts how he uneasily followed Tuvok through dark Jeffries tubes as an electromagnetic lifeform seized Voyager systems, burned interfering crew members, and contacted Janeway in an effort to regain its nebula-gaseous environment. Janeway personifies Voyager, and Kim calms a paranoid sensor analyst.
Guest Stars: Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Marley McClean [Mezoti], Zoe McLellan; Co-Stars: Kevin Lone [Q’ret], Kurt Wetherill [Azan], Cody Wetherill [Rebi]
Teleplay by Mike Sussman and Kenneth Biller & Bryan Fuller; Story by Mike Sussman; Directed by David Livingston

6-146. "Unimatrix Zero" [Part I] 5/24/00 *
When Seven resolves to save a virtual Borg sanctuary where sleeping drones can regain their individuality, Janeway, Tuvok, and Torres infiltrate a Borg tactical cube to unleash a nanovirus that could preserve the sanctuary drones’ memories when they awake. Janeway promotes Paris back to lieutenant; the Borg Queen warns Janeway away; Janeway inquiries Chakotay’s full support; Seven remembers a romantic relationship with the sanctuary leader; and Torres’ volunteering bothers Paris. Stardate 54019.6
Guest Stars: Mark Deakins [Axum], Jerome Butler [Gen. Korok], Joanna Heimbold and Susanna Thompson [the "Borg Queen"]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Mike Sussman; Directed by Allan Kroeker

SEVENTH SEASON (year 2377)

7-147. "Unimatrix Zero" Part II 10/4/00 *½
After Janeway and Torres race to deploy the nanovirus before Tuvok’s neural suppressant wears off, the Borg Queen threatens to kill all the rebel drones if Janeway refuses to negotiate a surrender, The Doctor helps convince an ambivalent Seven to rekindle her romance with Axum inside Unimatrix Zero, and a liberated Borg sphere aids Voyager’s attempt to rescue the away team. Chakotay’s inaction agitates Paris, and the Borg Queen questions a boy in Unimatrix Zero. Stardate 54014.4
Guest Stars: Mark Deakins [Axum], Jerome Butler [Gen. Korok], Joanna Heimbold and Susanna Thompson [the "Borg Queen"]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Story by Mike Sussman and Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky; Directed by Mike Vejar

7-148. "Imperfection" 10/11/00 **½
As Seven faces impending death when her cortical node deteriorates, she isolates herself, The Doctor researches treatments, Janeway, Tuvok, and Paris battle scavengers for a dead drone’s salvaged node, Neelix preoccupies Seven with a game, Torres harbors her from The Doctor, Janeway praises Seven’s progress, and Seven refuses Icheb’s risky solution. Mezoti, Rebi, and Azan relocate to a new home, and Icheb requests the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. Stardate 54129.4
Guest Stars: Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Marley S. McClean [Mezoti]; Co-Stars: Kurt Wetherill [Azan], Cody Wetherill [Rebi]
Teleplay by Carleton Eastlake and Robert Doherty; Story by Andre Bormanis; Directed by David Livingston

7-149. "Drive" 10/18/00 *½
As Voyager hosts festivities near an intergalactic racetrack designed to commemorate a fragile peace treaty, Torres helps Paris race the Delta Flyer in an effort to remedy their apparent incompatibility, Kim assists an attractive female pilot, and sabotage jeopardizes the race. The Doctor gives up golf time for Torres’ romantic getaway, and Neelix shows Seven how to animatedly commentate the race. Stardate 54058.6
Guest Stars: Cyia Batten, Brian George, Patrick Kilpatrick
Written by Michael Taylor; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

7-150. "Repression" 10/25/00 **
Tuvok works to identify the attacker who rendered ex-Maquis crew members comatose. Paris brings Torres to a holographic 1932 Chicago Palace 3-D Theater. Stardate 54090.4
Guest Stars: Keith Szarabajka, Derek McGrath; Co-Star: Jad Mager [Tabor]
Teleplay by Mark Haskell Smith; Story by Kenneth Biller; Directed by Winrich Kolbe

7-151. "Critical Care" 11/1/00 **½
While The Doctor tries to medicate dying patients onboard a hospital ship that rations treatment based on social status, Voyager’s senior officers track the deceptive merchant who stole The Doctor’s program. Neelix regrets the opportunity he may have given the merchant.
Guest Stars: John Kassir, Gregory Itzin, Paul Scherrer, Dublin James and Larry Drake
Teleplay by James Kahn; Story by Kenneth Biller & Robert Doherty; Directed by Terry Windell

7-152. "Inside Man" 11/8/00 **
As a Barclay hologram charms the Voyager crew into arranging dangerous passage to the Alpha Quadrant, Troy, Commander Harkins, and Admiral Paris help Barclay pinpoint how his hologram disappeared from a recent Pathfinder transmission. Paris dampens Kim’s anticipation for Earth, and the Barclay hologram slights The Doctor’s golf plans. Stardate 54208.3
Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt. Reginald Barclay]; Guest Stars: Richard Herd [Admiral Owen Paris], Richard McGonagle [Cmdr. Harkins], Sharisse Baker-Bernard, Frank Corsentino, Christopher Neiman, Michael William Rivkin and Special Guest Appearance by: Marina Sirtis [Cmdr. Deanna Troi]
Written by Robert Doherty; Directed by Allan Kroeker

7-153. "Body and Soul" 11/15/00 *½
When a police ship captures the Delta Flyer during Kim’s, Seven’s, and The Doctor’s away mission on it, The Doctor possesses Seven’s body to avoid de-compilation, indulges himself while scheming to contact Voyager, and rejects the ship captain’s romantic interest. Paris holographically creates Tuvok’s wife to assuage his pon’farr. Stardate 54238.3
Guest Stars: Fritz Sperberg, Marva Hicks and Megan Gallagher
Teleplay by Eric Morris and Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman; Story by Michael Taylor; Directed by Robert Duncan McNeill

7-154. "Nightingale" 11/22/00 *½
When Kim convinces Janeway to let him command a cloaked scientific transport toward a blockaded planet, Seven criticizes his lack of delegation as they sneak through hostile space. Icheb misinterprets Torres’ attention to him as romantic during their extensive Voyager repairs. Janeway and Chakotay arrange a supplies exchange with the blockaders. Stardate 54274.7
Guest Stars: Ron Glass, Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Beverly Leech, Paul F. O’Brien, Scott Miles
Teleplay by Andre Bormanis; Story by Robert Lederman & Dave Long; Directed by LeVar Burton

7-155&156. "Flesh and Blood" 11/29/00 ***
During a formidable holographic crew’s revolt to kill their Hirogen tormentors, liberate other holograms, and perfect field generators to settle on a planet, the spiritual holographic captain solicits The Doctor’s allegiance, The Doctor protests Janeway’s plan to deactivate the holograms for the Hirogen, an abducted Torres sympathizes with a Cardassian hologram, and a young Hirogen technician helps Voyager follow two Hirogen vessels to the holograms’ commandeered ship. Janeway laments giving the Hirogen holographic technology when Chakotay and Tuvok deny Voyager’s responsibility. Stardate 54337.5
Guest Stars: Jeff Yagher, Ryan Bollman, Michael Wiseman, Cindy Katz, Spencer Garrett, Vaughn Armstrong, Paul Eckstein
Teleplay by Brian Fuller, Raf Green & Kenneth Biller; Story by Jack Monaco and Bryan Fuller & Raf Green, Bryan Fuller & Raf Green; Directed by Mike Vejar, David Livingston

7-157. "Shattered" 1/17/01 ***½
When a temporal anomaly fractures Voyager into 37 different time frames, Chakotay and a 2371 Janeway seek help from past, present, and future crew members to reverse the damage. Disasters in the time frames cause Janeway to reconsider her future decision to strand Voyager.
Guest Stars: Martin Rayner [Chaotica], Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman], Nicholas Worth [Lonzak], Martha Hackett [Seska]
Teleplay by Michael Taylor; Story by Mike Sussman & Michael Taylor; Directed by Terry Windell

7-158. "Lineage" 1/24/01 **½
As Torres recalls a traumatic camping trip with her father, Paris and The Doctor attempt to dissuade her resolve to delete her unborn daughter’s Klingon traits.
Guest Star: Manu Intiraymi [Icheb]
Written by James Kahn; Directed by Peter Lauritson

7-159. "Repentance" 1/31/01 ½
As Voyager helps a warden transport murderers to the executions mandated by their victims’ families, Seven befriends a murderer whom The Doctor’s nanoprobe treatment inadvertently reformed, and Neelix finds credence in a murderer’s claim that the legal system discriminated against him.
Guest Stars: Jeff Kober, Tim deZarn, F.J. Rio
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Mike Sussman & Robert Doherty; Directed by Mike Vejar

7-160. "Prophecy" 2/7/01 ½
To convince a generational Klingon cult that they should leave Voyager and colonize a planet, a Klingon captain helps Torres advocate a prophecy that her unborn child will save them, Paris formally combats a skeptic dissenter, and The Doctor researches a cure for the cult’s disease. Neelix shares quarters with Tuvok and helps Kim discourage a Klingon woman’s violent advances. Stardate 54518.2
Guest Stars: Sherman Howard, Paul Eckstein, Wren T. Brown
Teleplay by Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong; Story by Larry Nemecek & J. Kelley Burke and Raf Green & Kenneth Biller; Directed by Terry Windell

7-161. "The Void" 2/14/01 **
While working to escape a black void where ships raid each other to survive, the Voyager crew rations supplies Seven and The Doctor train a mute nomad to communicate by music, and Janeway struggles to recruit ships in a Federation-principled alliance. Senior officers enjoy Seven’s cooking. Stardate 54553.4
Guest Stars: Robin Sachs, Paul Willson, Scott Lawrence, Jonathan Del Arco
Teleplay by Raf Green & James Kahn; Story by Raf Green & Kenneth Biller; Directed by Mike Vejar

7-162. "Workforce" [Part I] 2/21/01 *½
After aliens disable Voyager and doctors brainwash the crew into happily working on an industrial planet, Janeway fraternizes with a bachelor co-worker, Tuvok starts to remember his original life, Paris befriends a withdrawn Torres, Seven monitors efficiency, Kim usurps The Doctor’s Emergency Command Hologram authority, and both Chakotay and Neelix disguise themselves as new employees to infiltrate a main power plant. Stardate 54584.3
Guest Stars: James Read, Don Most, John Aniston
Written by Kenneth Biller & Bryan Fuller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

7-163. "Workforce, Part II" 2/28/01 **
As Voyager evades alien vessels in an effort to rescue the crew, a wounded Chakotay solicits Janeway to harbor him from the authorities, The Doctor’s tactical resourcefulness impresses Kim, Neelix helps Torres remembers her life with Paris, Tuvok’s doctor discovers the head physician’s conspiracy to brainwash employees, a criminal investigator helps Seven infiltrate the head physician’s hospital, and Janeway and Javin sneak into the main power plant to shut down the planetary shield grid. Stardate 54622.4
Guest Stars: James Read, Don Most, John Aniston, Tom Virtue and Robert Joy
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller & Michael Taylor; Story by Kenneth Biller & Bryan Fuller; Directed by Roxann Dawson

7-164. "Human Error" 3/7/01 **
As Seven explores social scenarios in the holodeck, her romance with a holographic Chakotay starts distracting her from her duty to protect Voyager from oncoming warheads. Seven ignores The Doctor’s medical advice, gives Torres a belated baby shower gift, learns to play the piano creatively, and guiltily encourages Icheb to quote literature.
Guest Star: Manu Intiraymi [Icheb]
Teleplay by Brannon Braga & Andre Bormanis; Story by Andre Bormanis & Kenneth Biller; Directed by Allan Kroeker

7-165. "Q2" 4/11/01 *½
Janeway helps reform Q’s irresponsible adolescent son when the Q Continuum revokes his powers and gives him one week to redeem himself. Icheb befriends him. Stardate 54704.5
Guest Stars: Keegan de Lancie, Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Michael Kagan, Lorna Raver; Special Guest Star: John de Lancie [Q]
Teleplay by Robert Doherty; Story by Kenneth Biller; Directed by LeVar Burton

7-166. "Author, Author" 4/18/01 ***
After The Doctor writes a holonovel that exaggerates his own oppression and offends the crewmates whom he based characters on, Janeway’s officers and Barclay advocate The Doctor’s sentience during a Federation hearing to determine whether he can recall the copies that an Earth publisher already distributed. A daily, transgalactic com-link enables Kim to greet his parents, Torres to face her estranged father, and Seven to meet her aunt. Stardate 54732.3
Guest Stars: Richard Herd [Admiral Owen Paris], Barry Gordon, Joseph Campanella, Lorinne Vozoff, Juan Garcia, Robert Ito, Irene Tsu; Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt. Reginald Barclay]
Teleplay by Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman; Story by Brannon Braga; Directed by David Livingston

7-167. "Friendship One" 4/25/01 *½
After planetary inhabitants irradiate their own world by copying technology from a 2067 Earth probe, a group of inhabitants blame Voyager’s crew for the catastrophe during their salvage mission, hold Paris, Neelix, and a lieutenant hostage to coerce relocation arrangements from Janeway, and beware Janeway’s and a scientist’s proposal to neutralize the radiation. Paris works to resuscitate a mother’s struggling newborn. Stardate 54775.4
Guest Stars: Ken Land, John Prosky, Bari Hochwald, Peter Dennis, Ashley Edner, Josh Clark
Written by Michael Taylor & Bryan Fuller; Directed by Mike Vejar

7-168. "Natural Law" 5/2/01 *
When an ancient alien barrier traps Chakotay and Seven in a forest where natives communicate by gesturing, Chakotay begins regretting their influence on the natives, a resourceful adolescent sparks Seven’s interest in the natives’ culture, and Janeway decides whether to restore the barrier despite the surrounding population’s desire for research. Paris endures a slow flying instructor’s manditory safety lessons. Stardate 54827.7
Guest Stars: Paul Sandman, Autumn Reeser, Robert Curtis Brown, Neil C. Vipond
Teleplay by James Kahn; Story by Kenneth Biller & James Kahn; Directed by Terry Windell

7-169. "Homestead" 5/9/01 **
While fraternizing with a Talaxian widow and her son, Neelix advocates for an asteroid Talaxian settlement against alien miners who want it evacuated. Neelix urges Tuvok to dance at a First Contact 315th anniversary party, and Naomi turns down Neelix’s pampering. Stardate 54868.6
Guest Stars: Rob Labelle, Julianne Christie, Ian Meltzer, Scarlett Pomers [Naomi Wildman]
Written by Raf Green; Directed by LeVar Burton

7-170. "Renaissance Man" 5/16/01 **½
The Doctor uneasily impersonates different senior officers when two surveillance aliens secretly hold Janeway hostage to coerce him into stealing gel packs and Voyager’s warp core for them. Torres resists a romantic lunch with Paris. Stardate 54890.7
Guest Star: Alexander Enberg [Ensign Vorek]
Teleplay by Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman; Story by Andrew Shepard Price & Mark Gaberman; Directed by Mike Vejar

7-171&172. "Endgame" **½
A 2403 Janeway leaves Commander Barclay, an unsound Tuvok, The Doctor, Captain Kim, and an angry Klingon inventor to fly 26 years into the past, introduces futuristic weaponry to the 2377 Voyager in a plan to infiltrate the Borg Queen’s nebula, and opposes the senior officers’ intent to collapse a transwarp hub that could expedite Voyager’s journey home. False labors frustrate Torres and Paris, and Seven’s knowledge of her own death undermines her romance with Chakotay. Stardate 54973.4
Special Guest Star: Dwight Schultz [Lt./Cmdr. Barclay]; Guest Stars: Richard Herd [Admiral Owen Paris], Vaughn Armstrong, Manu Intiraymi [Icheb], Lisa Locicero, Miguel Perez, Grant Garrison; Special Guest Appearance by: Alice Krige [the Borg Queen]
Teleplay by Kenneth Biller & Robert Doherty; Story by Rick Berman & Kenneth Biller & Brannon Braga; Directed by Allan Kroeker