Santa Maria High School
Robert Satterwhite Class of 1994

By measuring two sides of a triangle, we can figure out the length of a third side. What are these two theorms called?

Steven Aoki, Allan Saddi, Rob Satterwhite

Class of 1994 Physics Bridge Building Contest
December 15-16, 1993

Rob Satterwhite Last place: bridge ends spun off at 25 lbs.
Vida Mamaradlo, Eric Oberg, Scott Sousa, Brian Reed Eighth place: bridge fell (and couldn't get up) at 35 lbs.
Sean Curiel, Dam Nguyen Seventh place: bridge cleaved in half at 46 lbs.
Dana Garcia, Eleazar Elenes, Richelle Funk, Ann Oliva Sixth place: bridge fell to pieces at 64 lbs.
Candace Carpenter, Jerry Waki, Arlana Estes Fifth place: bridge skyrocketed to lunar orbit at 75 lbs.
Steve Melo, Jonathan Inscho, Jason Mariscal Fourth place: bridge all came tumbling down at 81 lbs.
Cory Beck, Brian Dutra, Jim Bendixen, Chad Hinkle Third place: bridge spit up sticks at 98 lbs.
Steven Aoki, Eric Evans, Kevin Lau, Carlos Ochoa Second place: bridge tore asunder at 101 lbs.
Jennifer Rowe, Rick Brady, Caleb Shaffer First place: four of Rick's sticks broke off at 120 lbs.
Satterwhite's Physics Class of 1994 Bonus execution: bridge catapulted to whence it came at 148 lbs.

Last day of school: Brian Reed, Brian Dutra, Eric Oberg, Rob Satterwhite

Rob Satterwhite, Kevin Lau, Eric Oberg, Brian Reed, Dam Nguyen

Jerry Waki, Steven Aoki, Caleb Shaffer

Allan Saddi, Jerry Waki, Eric Evans, Steven Aoki, Caleb Shaffer, Scott Sousa

Brian Reed, Jennifer Rowe, Kevin Lau, Candace Carpenter

Dam Nguyen, Marie Aquino, Eric Oberg

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