ENGL 372
Film Directors
Films of Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese

Welcome to Cal Poly's ENGL 372 home page! This course explores the cinematic achievements of significant directors in the Western and non-Western world. The film instructors for the class base their curriculums on the top 100 directors of all time. ENGL 372 fulfills the General Education & Breadth requirement, GEB C.3., and allows juniors to take the GWR for free. Prerequisites: ENGL 114 and ENGL 230, ENGL 231, ENGL 240, ENGL 251, ENGL 252, ENGL 253, or consent of instructor.


ENGL 372 collaborates with San Luis Obispo's Palm Theater, giving students the opportunity to see the directors' films in their original theatrical format. Seasonal tickets for the Palm Theater cost around $45.

Starting winter quarter 1996, students will be working on an ongoing multimedia version of "The Rhetoric of Film," which outlines various cinematic techniques. Students will be able to search for these techniques among a selection of laserdiscs in order to contribute to a growing archive of quicktimes/MPEG's and pictures. See the progress of the project at "A Brief Guide to Watching Movies".

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